May 30, 2013

How to Root Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile) SGH-T999 on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware

Samsung has finally started rolling out the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update for the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the model number SGH-T999. Users of the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 can officially update their device through Samsung Kies or by using Over-The-Air (OTA) updates.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile) SGH-T999 users who have already updated their devices with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, may root their devices using the tutorial below.

This tutorial uses CF-Auto-Root file released by recognised XDA Developers, Chainfire. The CF-Auto-Root file allowing Galaxy S3 users to root their devices easily without depending on the firmware. It completely supports Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and future firmware as well.

Disclaimer: Rooting voids the warranty of your device. We and the developer of this rooting procedures shall not be held responsible if any undesirable outcomes may happen to your device. use of this root guide is solely at your own risk!

1) Install USB Driver for Samsung Galaxy S3 on the computer.
2) Enable USB Debugging Mode on the phone by navigating to Settings >> Developer Options (Android 4.0 or later) or go to Settings >> Applications >> Development (Android 2.3 or earlier).
3) Make a backup of all your important data before following the guide.
4) Ensure the battery of the phone is charged more than 80 percent.
5) The CF-Auto-Root file works only on Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile) SGH-T999. Applying this to any incorrect variant might brick the device. Verify the model number of the Galaxy S3 by navigating to Settings >> About Phone.

Files Required
1. CF-Auto-Root (Mirror Link) for Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile) SGH-T999 (
2. Odin 3.07

Steps to Root Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile) SGH-T999 Running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware
Step 1: Extract CF-Auto-Root and Odin 3.07 files using WinRAR/7-Zip/WinZip or any other extracting tool.
Step 2: Switch off the Galaxy S3. Then boot the device into Download Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down, Home and Power buttons together until a construction Android robot icon with a warning triangle appears on screen. Now press the Volume Up button to enter Download Mode.
Step 3: Launch Odin on the computer as an Administrator.
Step 4: Connect the Galaxy S3 to the computer using USB cable while it is in the Download Mode. Wait until Odin detects the device. When the device is connected successfully, the ID: COM box will turn blue with the COM port number. Additionally, the successful connected will be indicated by a message saying Added.
Note: If the Added message does not appear, then try re-install USB drivers or changing the port on the computer.
Step 5: In Odin, click the PDA button and select the CF-Auto-Root-d2tmo-d2tmo-sght999.tar.md5 file.
Step 6: Verify that Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time checkboxes are selected in Odin. Also, ensure the Re-Partition option is not selected.
Step 7: Double-check and click Start button in Odin. The installation process will now begin.
Step 8: Once the installation process is completed, your phone will restart and soon you will see a PASS message with green background in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin. You can now unplug the USB cable to disconnect your device from computer.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile) SGH-T999 running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware is now rooted successfully. You can now install any app that requires root permission. Verify the root status of the device by downloading Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

Note: Many Samsung devices store a flash counter that keeps track of how many times you have flashed custom firmwares to your device. Triangle Away can be used to reset the flash counter to zero.

Thank's to all fellas at XDA who first tried out this rooting technique. This method was originally posted via XDA-Developers original thread.

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  1. Will hotspot still be locked by t-mobile with a rooted phone through this poocess?

    What about saving a backup copy of the original image begore this process in case something goes wrong?

    Thanks in advance for your potential answer

    1. No this does not unlock the tethering. If you have t mobile's new plan with no contract ( which everyone will be moved over to soon). Tethering is automatically included at no extra cost and is tied to you normal data pool. Call Customer support to find out what plan you have. This Plan is the one where its $50 a month for unlmtd Talk + Text and 500 mb of Data. then the second line is $30 and the third and other lines would be $10 each. Extra $10 a month for 2.5 gb of Data.

      Hope this helped and over explained your answer :D

  2. Just did it - thanks so much it was very easy!

  3. wont let me click on any off the options

  4. I want to know if this really works ? What is an ID: COM box ? Im just scared it won't work & my phone is going to crash. I just got it too !!

    1. Go here for a screenshot:

      The red is where you click and browse to the dtmo file as mentioned above, yellow is the ID: COM box, blue is where the added message will be, green ins the two checkboxes that MUST be checked, and purple/green is the one that MUST NOT be checked. The rest leave as-is.

  5. Is it nesessary to use a computer in order to root my Galaxy S3?

  6. Awesome! Had replacement sent to me 8/6/2013 and it worked with the (as of then) latest firmware without any issues. CM 10.1 here I come!!!!!!

  7. Literally took me three minutes to do. Works as of 08/14/2013. Thank you so much! :)

  8. Fantastic. When I first did it, the upper left window said "RESET" not "PASS"...but by the time I'd loaded google play to run root check, it said "PASS".


  9. I have t-mobile and I am grandfathered into the unlimited plan with unlimited talk text and data...which is something t-mobile no longer offers...Does this mean that I can use my phone as a hotspot?
    And when you say eventually everyone will be moved over to where tethering will be automatically added onto the t-mobile account free of charge....But does this apply to me? Will I be UN-grandfathered from my unlimited data and forced to choose a 5 - 10 gb data package? Or will that only come when I upgrade my phone

  10. i have rooted my phone. Odin also got passed and i hav su installed on y phone also i checked in root checker it says rooted. But when i try to get into clockworkmod recovery mode its not getting. Please help me out

    1. CF-Auto-Root doesn't include a custom recovery. You can install it manually using ROM Manager app.

    2. will rom manager definitely install on clockwork mod on tmobile gs3 with out any problems with the the new update n all!!!!

  11. I did it and the when I am flashing it, the installation stops at "setupe connection" is that normal?

  12. it doesnt work for me it just stays at the screen that says created recovery img or something like that no loading or please wait or anything

  13. All i get is recovery.img nothing else after that basically doesnt work

  14. hi bro im trying to root but in odin its showing ur device is added & also com:3 but its a yellow coloure not an blue + its not turning on F.reset + Reboot option its off me thanx

  15. thanks broo it really worked i just did it

  16. it wont let me check off any of the options

  17. Hi, I run all your guide on my SIII, SGH-T999, 4.1.2, but the result in ODIN was FAIL!
    There is a reason for this? Thanks.

  18. Will this work for Mobilicity.

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